Giuseppe Fortunato, born in 1962 in Basilicata, has a background in agrarian studies.Since the 1980s, Fortunato has made a name for himself in landscaping and landscape construction services, becoming known for his reliability and the aftercare of his creations.


Giuseppe Fortunato


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He has worked as both a garden design consultant and a landscape contractor for diverse clients: multinational corporations, tourism companies, sports clubs, house builders, universities, engineers and architects.Fortunato’s extensive experience includes a wide range of hard and soft landscaping projects involving street furniture, playing fields, tourist resorts, environmental engineering, parks, rooftop gardens and the regeneration of the historiacl gardens.His work has been highly praised by distinguished experts in the field and major contractors in Italy and beyond. Active in various locations in Italy, including Florence, Siena, Venice and Rome, he has also worked in Albania (Tirana), Spain (Madrid) and Equatorial Guinea, where he gained insight into a number of indigenous plants and styles. His landscaping ideas embody a sense of harmony between intellectual knowledge and craft skill, between imagination and practicality, characterized by a symbiotic relationship between the artist and the peasant. Landscaping is the ideal balance of personal aesthetic views, sensitivity to the landscape and the goals of the project. In other words, the landscape should be understood not merely as “nature”, but rather as the product of human skills and intelligence. An independent pupil of eminent experts, Fortunato has participated in a number of training courses as both a trainer and a student.

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