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Over the years, we have built upon our expertise to deliver high-quality services and develop innovative solutions.

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On the beauty of plants - plants are the only living beings which cause neither noise nor waste (Mario Andrea Rigoni)


Agriculture is the art of knowing how to wait. (Riccardo Bacchelli)

Hard Landscaping

It is not easy to have a beautiful garden: it is as difficult as ruling a kingdom. (Hermann Hesse)

Company Philosophy

The company has evolved with architecture in mind, with its respect for the beauty of places around, so that beauty could provide a respite from everyday working life. (Adriano Olivetti)

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M. D’Azeglio street, n. 17/C, 75025 POLICORO – (MT)

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[ testimonials ]


“You will never fake the feeling of being in such a place. The live minimalism base on the natural materials and alive unprocessed textures — true, authentic, close to nature. It has memory and appreciates to the culture"
Pablo Gusterio
Client of the Company
“I’m always impressed with the services. "
Anna Paulina
Client of the Company
“I have very much enjoyed with your services."
Kristina Lee
Client of the Company